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Patrick Hamrick was the first member of our family to settle in America. He arrived in Virginia as a teenager, without his parents, more than 300 years ago.

Patrick Hamrick

This web site is the result of my on-going efforts on Hamrick family research and particularly on Patrick Hamrick. I am not a professional genealogist, although I have had a dedicated interest and have been collecting genealogical information on my family for many years. I seriously began studying the Hamrick family and Patrick when I moved to the Washington, DC area (Northern Virginia) in 1984. I continue to do research as my time allows.


It's very unfortunate that many people have published a substantial amount of inaccurate and unsubstantiated information about Patrick as though it were fact. This misinformation has proliferated extensively, so if you are researching Patrick, please make sure there are valid sources for the published information.

My main focus has been to consolidate accurate facts regarding Patrick Hamrick's life and to document those facts with the sources of the information. In some cases I have based logical conclusions upon these facts, but those conclusions are identified as such.


In doing my research, whenever possible, I review original documents instead of using microfilm copies or published transcripts because I have found errors in transcripts and the clarity of microfilm is not always good. I have also personally visited important locales where Patrick lived and worked in Westmoreland, Richmond, King George, Stafford, and Prince William counties so that I could get a first-hand feel of the locales. In this regard, it is very fortunate that I reside in the area where Patrick lived after coming to America.


I have also consulted numerous history texts in my quest to develop an accurate view of Patrick's life. All of my information sources are clearly identified within this work. While I have made every effort to not make errors or draw unfounded conclusions, there may be some. Please let me know if I have omitted something of importance or if you believe I have made an error. You can email me here. I encourage feedback so that an accurate view of Patrick's life can be established.

Ron Hamrick

Patrick Hamrick
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