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May 25, 1756

Patrick Hamrick to be paid for two days as a witness for & by Robert Foster at the suit of John Graham according to Law. (Prince William County Order Book 1755 – 1757. p 82.)


Given Patrick's age and the fact that he had been excused from paying taxes due to infirmities six months earlier, (REF: November 24, 1755 & December 8, 1755) along with the certainty that Robert Foster and John Graham were contemporaries of Patrick, Jr., this record probably actually refers to Patrick, Jr. In fact, Patrick, Jr. apparently married Robert Foster’s widow a number of years later. (John Frederick Dorman. "British Mercantile Claims 1775 - 1803, Reports of Wm. W. Hening, 16 Oct. 1801,T79/73, v. D," The Virginia Genealogist, July - September 1964, Vol. 8, No. 3. Washington, DC: John Frederick Dorman, 1964. p. 135.)

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