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1759 - 1762

The Account Book of Daniel Payne includes several pertinent entries:


     Page 66 (Joseph’s account) includes a December 20, 1760 entry which refers to his bro. Patrick

     Page 78 (James’ account) includes a May 1, 1759 entry which refers to yr. Brother Patrick and a credit entry (meaning he made a payment) By Patrick Hambrick Junr. on August 23, 1760.

     Page 142 is the account of Sarah Hambrick John’s Widow. Its total balance of 8.6.8 was paid off by James Hambrick with 1,000 pounds of tobacco on June 21, 1762.

(Account Book of Daniel Payne, 1759 - 1762. In the custody of the Maryland Historical Society, 201 W. Monument Street, Baltimore, MD.)


Daniel Payne was a merchant in nearby Dumfries, Virginia. Although Patrick is not listed among the accounts (probably because his advanced age did not allow him to travel there), these records assist in sorting out details concerning his family. Most importantly, it clearly establishes that Patrick, Jr. ("bro. Patrick" & "yr. Brother Patrick") was a brother to James and Joseph. (The "Patrick Hambrick Junr." referred to in James' record is, undoubtedly, Patrick's grandson. He was listed as a tithable in Patrick, Jr.'s household in 1765, (REF: 1765) so it is fairly certain he was the son of Patrick, Jr.) Sarah's account shows James' significant kindness to her; a good indication that she was his sister-in-law. (REF: 1751 comments)

There are, in fact,other entries concerning Hamrick family members contained in the ledger, but they are not specifically relevant to sorting out the facts regarding Patrick's life. Besides the entries detailed here, Hamrick family researchers may be interested in Elizabeth's (Robert's widow) account on page 67, William Shirley's account on page 114 (which includes entries for Joseph and Patrick, Jr.), Thomas Hart's account on page 129 (which includes a credit (payment) from Sarah), and Benjamin's account on page 165.]

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