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The 1735/1736 Prince William County Rent Roll includes Jno. Champe. ("Huntington Library Collection," Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA.)


John Champe purchased 500 acres from Henry McDonnac in 1731 (REF: July 2 & 3, 1731) that had been part of the 760 acres originally granted to Roger Day in 1724 (REF: January 7, 1724/25) and subsequently granted to Henry McDonnac in 1725, after Roger’s death.


Conspicuously absent from this list is Elizabeth Day (Roger’s daughter) who had acquired the other 260 acres of the original parcel from McDonnac in 1727. (REF: August 9 & 10, 1727) This could be due to oversight or possibly, because something had happened to Elizabeth by this time. (REF: September 3, 1739 comments) The list does include other nearby property owners such as Thomas Davis, William Davis, and Edward Graham. It is not likely that Elizabeth’s name was missing because she had married and the listing was under her unknown husband’s name. If she had married, her husband and his kin would have been in line for inheriting the property instead of Patrick. Patrick clearly ended up in possession of Elizabeth Day's 260 acres, but he was apparently not yet on the property at this time..

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