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December 8, 1755

At a Vestry held at Detingin Glbe Decr 8th 1755 [ . . . ] Order’d & Resolved that Patrick Hamrick Senr. be Free from Paying his Parish Leavie for the time to come. (Dettingen Parish Prince William County Vestry Book 1745 – 1785. p. 52.)


The vestry register indicates that each tithable person in Dettingen Parish was required to pay the parish sixty pounds of tobacco for the year. Like the county courts, parish vestries also frequently granted exemptions from tithable liability when someone was not capable of self-support. Most likely, Patrick was being excused from paying the assessment because of his age, just as he had been from paying public taxes two weeks earlier. (REF: November 24, 1755)

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