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1741 - 1742

Pursuant to a court order dated May 25, 1741, Patrick, Thomas Hart, and Thomas Hogan were directed to inventory the estate of Richard Simes. An initial inventory was presented to the court on July 27, 1741. A "remaining inventory" dated January 19, 1741 (1742) was subsequently presented to the court on July 26, 1742, signed by Patrick and Thomas Hogan. (Prince William County Will Book C. pp. 316 - 317 & p. 361.)


Thomas Hart was one of the individuals who had given a deposition establishing Patrick’s kinship to Roger Day for the purpose of inheritance. (REF: September 5, 1739) Richard Simes must have been known to him also. (Rudimentary research reveals a Richard Sims plantation on the nearby Occaquon River. (Stafford County Deed Book J. Bland deed. pp. 146-147.))

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