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August 31, 1727

An Indenture was recorded between Joseph Strother & Jno. Farguson, both vestrymen of Hanover Parish in King George County, and Samuel Skinker. The vestrymen sold 92 acres, known as the Glebe land (Parish land) to Skinker that had been conveyed to the Parish as a result of Joseph Downing’s death. (Joseph Downing was Sem Cox’s grandson. When Sem Cox died, he left this property to his daughter, Ann, in his will. The will included an entail for his grandson, Joseph. It went on to stipulate that subsequent to Ann’s death, if Joseph died without issue—which became the case, the land was to be used "to buy ornaments and utincils for the two churches and remainder to minister and vestryment".) The land was in north side of St. Mary’s Parish in Richmond Co. (which in 1727 was within the bounds of Hanover Parish in King George County). It was bounded on the West Side With the land of John Owen On the North With the land of Wm. Bambury [Bunbury] on the East with Patrick Hamrick’s land And on the South by Kay’s pattent. (King George County Deed Book No. I, Part II. pp. 451 - 452.)


Patrick, together with Robert Ingles, had sold property to Skinker eight months earlier that had been conveyed to Ingles by Sem Cox in 1709. (REF: October 10, 1709, December 17, 1726 a, December 17, 1726 b, December 17, 1726 c, & January 6, 1726/27) The description of that property coincides with the location of Patrick’s property referred to in this deed. (Bunbury’s land was to the north, this parcel (the Glebe land) was to the west, and Kay’s patent was to the south.) Why Skinker did not refer to the property as his own in this deed is unknown, but it's apparent Patrick was still living on the parcel.

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