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April 28, 1740

The survey of Patrick’s land grant was completed by James Thomas as per the warrant issued in January 1739. (REF: January 10, 1739/40) The document that James Thomas returned to the Proprietor’s Office begins: By Virtue of a Warrant from the Proprietors Office Dated the tenth Day of January 1739 Surveyed for Patrick Hamrick of King George County One Hundred and Eighteen Acres of Land, Situate Lying and being in the County of Prince William and Bounded as followeth: (vizt) The meets and bounds description follows. (The description is the same as included in the subsequent deed to the property. (REF: December 10, 1740)) The document includes a drawing of the plat. (A drawing of the plat also accompanies the deed in the Grant Book.) James Thomas noted that Charles Graham and James Graham were the chain carriers for the survey. On the reverse side of the paper is a note that reads: Patrick Hamrick 118 Acres Deed executed & sent to Majr Champe

(Northern Neck Land Grant Warrants and Surveys, Virginia State Archives, Richmond, VA.)


For clarity purposes, annotations of geographic names and neighboring individuals have been added to the plat drawing reproduced here, based on elements of the property description.

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