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Among the individuals listed on Hooes List of Tithes 1765 ("Prince William County 1765 Levy Papers & Tithe Lists," aka Steadman Collection. Box 9, Folder 446, Virginia State Archives, Richmond, VA.) are:

                                                                   Tithes          Acres

John Hamrick                                                1


Pattrick Hamricks Tithes

     Pattrick Hamrick Junr.                             2                130


James Hamricks Tithes                                 1                 130


A note among this collection of documents indicates they were "Found in an old house between Brentsville & Dumfries many years ago." The note does not include a date or specific house. Besides this list produced by "Hooe," a neighbor of Patrick's, (REF: May 11, 1740) the papers include other 1765 tithable lists made by "Payton," "Capt. Lewis Renoe", and "Tebbs." Apparently, each of them had a geographic area of responsibility. The lists produced by Renoe and Tebbs do not include any Hamricks. Although it is not pertinent to this particular study, Hamrick family researchers may be interested in the fact that Payton's list includes Jeremiah with 1 tithable and Joseph with 2 tithables. (Edward Sparks was listed with him.)


Unfortunately, these papers have not been properly preserved and are in an advanced state of deterioration, so it could be that other Hamricks (such as Benjamin and perhaps some of Patrick's grandchildren) were originally listed. Within the container are numerous small "crumbs" of paper, but reconstruction will require substantial effort by an expert. Their condition has been brought to the attention of archive personnel.

Since Patrick had died a year earlier, (REF: April 2, 1764) the Patrick listed here is undoubtedly Patrick's son, and the Patrick, Jr. listed is Patrick's grandson (Patrick (III)). John, no doubt, is also Patrick's grandson since Patrick's son John died in 1757, (Prince William County Order Book 1755 - 1757, p. 257) and it is known that Patrick's son John had a son named John (John (II)). (REF: 1751 comments) These entries are important because they assist in establishing ages for Patrick, Jr. (REF: September 20, 1740) and son John. (REF: 1751)

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