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August 17, 1725

The Right Honorable Lord Fairfax of Leeds Castle granted 760 acres lying in Stafford County on the North Side of the main run of the Occaquan and Broad Run, adjacent to Edward Grayham’s land, to Henry McDonnac, of Stafford County. At the bottom of the deed is this memorandum: this Deed is for the Land that the Deed made to Roger Day in page one hundred is Day Died without paying the Composition Leaving not wherewithall to do it his Deed was return’d to me and Cancelled McDonnac undertakeing to pay ye Composition and all Charges and to Convey two hundred and Sixty Acres of this land unto Eliza Day the said Roger Days Daughter and heir as an Estate in fee Simple to the Said Eliza and upon ye request of Eliza late the wife of the Said Day and Mother of the Said Eliza now the wife of the Said McDonnac upon these Considerations I pass’d this Deed to McDonnac—See McDonnac’s Bond to these Purposes. (Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants Book A 1722 – 1726. pp. 158a - 158b.)


Roger obviously had a daughter, named after his wife, Elizabeth. The fact that his wife quickly remarried after his death was not at all unusual. (Albert Alan Rogers. Family Life in Eighteenth Century Virginia. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia, 1939. p. 114-155 & 165-166. AND Phillip Alexander Bruce. Social Life of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century. Lynchburg, VA: J. P. Bell Company, Incorporated, 1927. p. 228.) Since his daughter is referred to by her maiden name, it is apparent that she had not yet married.

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