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December 10, 1740

The Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia To all whom this present Writing shall come Sends Greetings. Know ye that for good Causes for and in Consideration of the Composition for my use paid And for the amount Rent hereafter reserved I have given granted and confirmed and by these presents for Me My heirs and assigns do give grant and Confirm unto Patrick Hamrick of the County of King George a certain Tract or Parcel of waste Land in the County of Prince William and bounded according to a Survey thereof made by Mr. James Thomas the Younger pursuant to a Warrant to him directed as followeth Beginning at A a willow Oak by a dead black Oak Corner to the Land of William Davis and nigh the Head of Winter’s middle Branch thence along the Lines of the Said Davis South Two hundred and twelve poles to B a white oak in the Fork of Winter’s lower branch, No 62° Et one hundred thirty six Poles to C two white Oaks and a red Oak Saplin nigh a Glade of Cruppers Cabbin branch So 82° Et seventy three poles to D two Maples and a white Oak in a branch of Buckhall Corner to the Said Davis thence No 32° Et thirteen and a half poles to E a water Oak in the said Branch thence So 76° Et fifty two poles to F a Maple and water Oak in the said Branch thence So 22° Et thirty five poles to Gthree small red oaks marked in room of a dead Spanish oak corner to Richard Melton thence along his lines No 80 Wt seventy eight poles to H a white oak by the Road Side So 54° Wt seventy nine poles to I a water oak on a Branch of Crupper’s Cabbin No 83° Wt one hundred and eighteen poles to K a white oak corner to the said Meltons, Edward Graham and RogerIDay thence along the said Day’s lines now claimed by the said Hamrick No 43° Wt seventy eight poles to L a black Oak No 13° Wt one hundred and twenty two poles toM a poplar on the side of Winter’s middle branch Corner to George Eaves, thence along his Lines So 75° Et Sixty three Poles to N a dead white Oak thence No 6° Et forty four poles to O a red Oak, thence along the line of Thomas Davis N 45° E fifteen poles to the begining Containing one hundred and eighteen acres together with all Rights Members andAppurtances thereunto belonging, Royal Mines Excepted And a full third part of all Lead Copper Tinn Coal Iron Mines and Iron ore that shall be found therein To have and to hold the said one hundred and eighteen acres of Land belonging or in any wise appertaining Excepted before Excepted to Him the said Patrick Hamrick his heirs and assigns therefore Yielding and Paying to me my heirs and assigns or to my certain attorney or attorneys Agent or Agents or to the certain Attorney or Attorneys of my heirs and assigns Proprietors of the said Northern Neck Yearly and every year on the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel the Fee Rent of one Shilling Sterling Money for every fifty acres of Land hereby granted and so proportionately for a Greater or lesser Quantity Provided that the said Patrick Hamrick his heirs or assigns Shall not pay the before reserved annual Rent so that the same or any part thereof shall be behind or unpaid by the Space of Two Whole Years after the same Shall become Due in Lawfully Demanded that then it shall and may be lawful for me my heirs or assigns Proprietors aforesaid My or their certain attorney or attorneys Agent or Agents into the above Granted Premises to reenter and Hold the same so as if this Grant had never passed Given at my office in the County of King George within my said Proprietary under my seal Witness my agent and attorney fully authorized thereto Dated the tenth day of December in the fourteenth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith ___ An Dm one thousand seven hundred and forty


The document is signed: T. Fairfax in Prince William Coty (Northern Neck Land Grants Book E. p. 224. (The accompanying plat map is on p. 221 and is the same as in the April 28, 1740 survey.))


As best as can be determined today, this property's northern point ("A" on the plat map (REF: April 28, 1740)) is located very near the intersection of Liberty Street and Grant Avenue, near the Manassas Museum in downtown Manassas. Of course, Manassas did not exist during Patrick's time. More than 275 years of development has obliterated many of the waterway landmarks in the boundary description, but satellite imagery shows what must have been the course of Winters Branch from its head, near the modern-day intersection by the museum. We also know that the 260 acre parcel that had been part of Roger Day's land grant and subsequently inherited by his daughter Elizabeth, then ultimately claimed by Patrick after Elizabeth's demise (REF: January 7, 1724/25; August 17, 1725; August 9 & 10, 1727; September 3, 1739) lay adjacent to the west side of this parcel. (REF: April 28, 1740) In addition, the location of a graveyard that was set aside when Patrick, Jr. subsequently sold the southern half of the 260 acre parcel in 1770 has survived to modern times. (REF: September 6 & 7, 1770) So, it's feasible to overlay the 118 acre survey map on a modern-day satellite image with reasonable accuracy.


The scale of the survey on the satellite image can be established based on the beginning of the property description: from point "A" near the head of Winter's Branch, South to point B is 212 poles. A pole was a common measurement equal to 16.5 feet, (Paul Drake. What Did They Mean By That?: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1994. p. 168.) so from point A south to point B is 3,498 feet or 0.6625 miles. Using what appears to have been the head of Winters Branch for point "A" and overlaying the scaled survey map on the satellite image results in the cemetary laying just west of this parcel, which is where it should be, so this is at least a fairly accurate representation.

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