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Willis Hamrick - Sarah Jane Triplett

Willis Hamrick was born June 7, 1823, in Fairfield County, Ohio. His parents were John Hamrick and Elizabeth Spenny. He moved to Bureau County, Illinois, with his family, in 1836.


Willis married Sarah Jane Triplett in Bureau County on November 5, 1841, in a ceremony performed by Justice of the Peace, M. Thompson. Sarah was born August 16, 1823. Their children included Willis (Will), John, Algie (Al), Columbus (Clum), Christopher (Chris), and Mary. Like his father, Willis was a farmer, although he did not have his own farm until he purchased twenty acres for $500 in March 1865. The property was next to his father's farm.


Willis died on October 23, 1881. Sarah survived until June 3, 1897. They are both buried in Forest Hill Cemetery at the edge of Wyanet, Illinois.

Willis' signature from his will, which he completed just before his death in 1881:


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