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September 5, 1739

Thomas Hart Aged about fifty years saith That he was well Acquainted with Roger Day & that he often heard him say & Acknowledge Patrick Hamrick to be his cousen & Further Saith that Roger Day often told him that they were Brother & Sisters children.

Thomas Hart signed the document with his ‘TH’ mark.

Sworn to before me this 5 Septem’r. 1739 Anth:o Seale (King George County Deed Book No. 2. p. 300.)


Thomas Hart lived in Overwharton Parish (where Roger Day had resided). He was apparently acquainted with both Roger and Patrick. He acquired land on Broad Run (near Roger Day’s 760 acre grant) in January 1726/27, (Stafford County Deed Book J. pp. 348-352.) after Roger Day’s death, (REF: January 7, 1724/25) and was subsequently named to appraise an estate with Patrick. (REF: 1741 - 1742)

Although the term "cousin" was often used to describe any person related by blood who was not an ancestor, aunt or uncle, or a brother or sister, (Paul Drake. What Did They Mean By That?: A Dictionary of Historical Terms for Genealogists. Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, Inc., 1994. p. 58.) this deposition (as well as the one from Edward Graham (REF: January 3, 1739/40) clearly establishes Patrick and Roger as first cousins ("Brother & Sisters children").

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