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February 5, 1725/26

Patrick, along with John Farguson, Henry Gallop, and Richard Elkins, or any three of them were appointed to appraise the estate of Patrick Maggee in King George County. (King George County Orders 1721 – 1734. p. 233.)


Individuals appointed to appraise an estate were most often neighbors and long-time acquaintances of the deceased. (Lois Green Carr, Philip D. Morgan, and Jean B. Russo. Colonial Chesapeake Society. Chapel Hill, NC: The University of North Carolina Press, 1988. p. 231.) Patrick Hamrick probably first met Patrick Magee when they both had associations with William Hammock in the Totaskey Creek area, 25 years earlier. (REF: February 28, 1699/1700 a comments) Patrick Magee had obtained property in the Dogue Run area in 1712, (Richmond County Deed Book 6, 1711 – 1714. pp. 75-77.) probably having migrated there a few years before that (about the same time as Patrick Hamrick).

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