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August 2, 1734

This Indenture made the Second day of August In the year of Our Lord One Thousand seven hundred & Thirty four Between Samuel Skinker of the Parish of Hanover in the County of King George of the One Part & Patrick Hamerick of the Parish of Brunswick & County Aforesd Planter of the Other Part Witnesseth that the sd Samuel Skinker for divers good Causes & Valuable Considerations him hereunto moving Hath Demised granted & to farm Letten & by these Presents doth demise grant & to farm Lett & Sell unto the sd Patrick Hamrick the Messuage tenement & tract of Land whereon he now Liveth Scituate Lying & being in the County of King George binding upon the Lines of John Popham & Benjamin Stribling Begining at a Gum being John Pophams Corner Tree so along his line to Benjamins Striblings line so along a markt line up the swamp to a tract of Land in the Tenure of the sd Samuel Skinker so along to the Aforesd Corner Tree of John Pophams where it begun [ . . . ] together also with what Timbers the sd Paterick Hamrick shall have Occation to make use of for Building or any other use for the said Plantation [ . . . ] for and during the term of the Natural life of the said Patrick Hamrick and Margaret his wife Yielding and Paying the two first years next Ensuing the date hereof five hundred & fifty four Pounds of Tobacco also the third year next ensuing the aforesd date hereof to pay Six hundred & ninty two Pounds of Tobacco thence yearly and every year after the third year to pay Eight hundred & Cask during the aforesd term of the Natural life of the sd Patrick Hamrick & Margaret his wife of the longest Liver of them unto the Above Sd Samuel Skinker his heirs & Assigns the aforesd Tobacco to be paid in one Hogshead Convenient on Rappahannock River according to Law and if it shall happen that the aforesd yearly Rent of Eight hundred pounds of Tobacco & Cask shall be behind or unpaid forty days next after the tenth day of October the time whereon the same ought to be paid [ . . . ] and no Sufficient Distress to be had or found [ . . . ] it shall & may be Lawfull to & for the sd Samuel Skinker [ . . . ] wholy to reenter & the same to have again retain & reposses as in his former Estate [ . . . ] and Finally that it Shall & may be Lawfull to and for the sd Patrick Hamrick or his Assigns upon Payment of the Rent aforesd and Performing the Covenants herein Contained quietly and peaceably to have hold use occupy Possess & Enjoy all & singular the Premises aforesd during the Term of the Natural Life of the sd Patrick Hamrick & Margaret his Wife or the Longest Liver of them [ . . . ]


The document is signed by Sam’l Skinker and Patrick and is witnessed by Jos. Strother and Sam’l Hearne. (King George County Deed Book 1A. pp. 304 - 305.)


This property was in the same vicinity as the property that Patrick and his father-in-law, Robert Ingles, had sold to Samuel Skinker in December 1726 (REF: December 17, 1726 a, December 17, 1726 b, December 17, 1726 c, & January 6, 1726/27) and that Patrick had evidently still lived on as of 1727. (REF: August 31, 1727 comments) Brunswick Parish had been formed from the western portion of Hanover Parish in 1732. Its eastern boundary ran from the head of Dogue Swamp down to the Rappahannock River. (Charles Francis Cocke. Parish Lines Diocese of Virginia. Richmond: The Virginia State Library, 1967. p. 151.) Popham and Stribling both acquired their respective parcels of land from James Kay, (King George County Deed Book No. I, Part I. pp. 116-119, 138-140, & 185-195.) who bordered Patrick’s parcel on the south in the 1726 deed. Stribling’s property was near the Glebe land. ( King George County Deed Book No. I, Part I. pp. 180-185. (See description in Kay/Skinker deed.))

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